How to Make Fish Kabab Recipe

Fish Kabab Recipe

About Fish Kabab Recipe: A very favorite dish of fish or fish eaters. Young children and older people also eat it with passion. People living in the coastal area often eat more fish. Those people like it the most. We know that fish is good for everyone. This is a nutritious diet. It’s easy to … Read more

How to Make Mutton Curry Recipe

Mutton Curry Recipe

Mutton curry recipe is a famous mutton recipe in India. It is a famous non-vegetarian dish of India with hot and spicy flavors. This dish is a favorite dish of all due to it being beneficial as well as healthy. By the way, people who like to eat mutton make it all over India and eat … Read more

How to Make Chilli Chicken Recipe | Chili Chicken Recipe

Chilli Chicken Recipe

Chilli Chicken Recipe: Chili Chicken is a popular Indo-Chinese dish. Nowadays it is also given as a starter by making it a little dry. It is a favorite Chinese of non-veg and especially chicken lovers. If you have a party at home, you can make it and feed it to your guests. You can eat … Read more

The Best Chicken Pulao Recipe

chicken pulao

Chicken Pulao Recipe is one of India’s famous Recipes. In this recipe, you will be given information about how to make chicken pulao and more about it.  Basically, this is a Hyderabad recipe. It tastes very unique. It is liked by young children and older people. By the way, nonvegetarian meat lovers like to eat pulao. But one of the favorite dishes of chicken lovers … Read more

How To Make Chicken Angara Recipe | Recipe of Chicken Angara

The famous chicken recipe is a recipe of Chicken Angara or Chicken Angara recipe. Chicken Angara is a very popular dish of chicken. This is a very delicious dish. According to its name, it is an ember in fame. People eat it very passionately. Chicken Angara is eaten at dinner and lunch. This can easily be made at home. The … Read more

The Best Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe | Chicken Tikka Recipe

chicken tikka indian

The chicken tikka recipe or Chicken Tikka Masala Recipe is popular as a starter recipe for weddings. Chicken tikka is a famous dish which the elders and children eat very well.  Although it is called a dish of North India or Punjab, nowadays it is eaten with great pleasure in all places. Chicken tikka is also customary to serve … Read more

The Best Chicken Cutlet Recipe | Recipe for Chicken Cutlet

chicken cutlet recipe

The chicken cutlet recipe or recipe for chicken cutlet is a famous recipe. Chicken cutlet is a favorite dish of non-vegetarians. The elders, as well as children, also enjoy it. It is given as a starter at weddings. You can make this at your home party or function and feed it to your guests. It is not difficult … Read more

The Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe | Egg Bhurji Recipe

Scrambled Egg Recipe

Scrambled Eggs recipe, Egg Bhurji recipe, or Anda Bhurji recipe is a famous recipe in India.  Scrambled Egg, Egg Bhurji or Anda Bhurji is a tasty dish. We know that egg is good for our health, in the same way, Bhurji is also beneficial for our health. Made from a mixture of tomato, chili, onion, and egg, it is a … Read more

The Best Chicken Biryani Recipe

Biryani Chicken

The chicken biryani recipe is a non- vegetarian’s favorite dish. This is actually a Mughlai dish. But Indians have adopted it in such a way that it is now a dish eaten in all corners of India. In most parts of the country, this dish is made at weddings or functions. Representing the Mughal period, this dish … Read more

How to Make Egg Curry Recipe

Egg Curry Recipe

Egg curry recipe for rice – chapati, is a popular dish among many egg dishes. This dish made with boiled eggs is also tasty and nutritious. It is liked by young children and older people. If we make it in the right way, it tastes very good and people want to eat it again and again. … Read more