Cheese Butter Masala Recipe | Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

Cheese Butter Masala Recipe

Cheese Butter Masala Recipe or Paneer Butter Masala recipe: this is a famous dish. And it is one of the favorite dishes of Vegetarian people. If you are fond of cheese, then you will like this dish very much, this dish is for you.  It is easy to make. We can make it easily at … Read more

Recipe of Paneer Masala | Cheese Masala Recipe

Cheese Masala Recipe

Recipe of Paneer Masala: this is a famous recipe among paneer recipes. It is also called Cheese Masala Recipe. By the way, this is a North Indian dish or paneer recipe. But often people who like paneer dishes or prefer vegetarian food consume it. You will find this dish in vegetarian hotels. You must have … Read more