Bottle Gourd Recipe | Ghiya ki Sabzi | Lauki Recipe

Lauki ki Sabji

Bottle gourd recipe: It is also called the Ghiya ki Sabzi recipe or Lauki ki Sabji recipe. this is also a north indian recipe for the Bottle gourd. Well, there are many ways or recipes to cook gourd. This is a simple and easy gourd recipe. This is one of the famous gourd recipes. Gourd … Read more

The Best Bottle Gourd Halwa Recipe | Lauki ka Halwa Recipe

Bottle Goard Halwa Recipe

Lauki ka halwa recipe /  Bottle Gourd Halwa Recipe This is a simple recipe. Bottle Gourd Halwa is also called  Dudhi Halwa or some people call it  Ghiya Halwa. Pudding is to be sweet in taste. It is very tasty. Not everyone likes bottle-gourd vegetables.  But children and elders eat it ( Lauki ka halwa/  bottle gourd halwa )  with great passion. We can make it a … Read more