The Best Strawberry Halwa recipe

The Strawberry Halwa recipe is an easy recipe. It is made by adding the strawberry pulp to semolina. Due to this, both halwa and jam have a mixed taste in them.

Strawberry Halwa recipe
Strawberry Halwa

Strawberries increase immunity. It contains large amounts of vitamin C, manganese, dietary fiber, folate, magnesium, and potassium. The eyes also benefit from this.

Children and adults all like it. It is easy to make pudding. The material required to make it is less and it is easily available in the market. This work becomes instant in time.

Follow this Strawberry Halwa recipe and make it at home and enjoy the taste of it with your family. Feed it to your friends as well and get praise from them as well.

Strawberry Halwa Ingredients

  • 150 grams of strawberry
  • 150 grams semolina
  • 150grams sugar
  • 150 grams Ghee
  • 10 – 12 cashew nuts
  • 10 – 12 almonds
  • 2 teaspoons raisins
  • 15 – 16 pistachios
  • 6 cardamom

Strawberry Halwa Recipe

  1. First, wash the strawberries with clean water.
  2. After that, separate the stalks and make small pieces of strawberries.
  3. Put these pieces in the mixer and make them puree.
  4. Now put the utensil on the gas and save it a little bit and give it all the ghee.
  5. After the ghee melts, add semolina to it and keep stirring it on low and medium flame.
  6. Fry it till it becomes golden brown.
  7. Now put 3 cups of water, strawberry puree, and sugar in it.
  8. Allow it to slow and cook on medium gas until it swells well in semolina water.
  9. Cut pistachios and almonds into long thin pieces. Similarly, make small pieces of cashew nuts.
  10. After swollen, keep stirring it for a while and cook until it thickens.
  11. After thickening, add cashews, raisins, almonds, and pistachios to the halwa and mix.
  12. Similarly, add the remaining ghee and cardamom powder and mix.
  13. Now turn off the gas. Your strawberry pudding is ready.
  14. Remove the halwa in cups and garnish it with pistachio pieces and serve.

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